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Your sale is safe

We successfully sell 100% of all commissioned properties. In other words: With your property, too, it is only a matter of time before the notary appointment is arranged.

With fixed price guarantee! If your property is not sold at the individual fixed price, we will buy it ourselves.

Finding the right customer

In addition to a high degree of planning security, buyers need the feeling of having fallen in love. Because living is life! 100% individual and one of the most important areas in life. Finally, it is about a lot of money that the buyer wants to invest optimally.

That is why it is so important to get the emotional marketing right. The advantages of a property are far more than numbers, facts, and the price – and are often in the eye of the beholder. This is precisely what needs to be conveyed to the right buyer.

The art of the estate agent lies in finding exactly the right client for your property. This requires a great deal of experience, knowledge of the market and the art of welcoming and looking after the customer in the right way. In addition to the legally required documents, the buyer also expects a pleasant consulting atmosphere. Not only the sympathy for the property, the price, and the trust in the information provided are often decisive for the purchase, but also the trust in the personal as well as professional competence of the agent. That is why it is so important to place the sale in the best hands. You want us to sell your property? Give us a call, we are happy to be there for you personally!

Why us?

We have more than 30 years of experience in the sale of houses, flats, commercial properties, and land. Sound training, valuable experience, high professional competence, and excellent knowledge of local conditions are the basis for our and your success. We know the real estate market in the district of Harburg, in Lüneburg and Hamburg and can draw on an up-to-date database of solvent prospective buyers.

We promise you our full support throughout the entire sales process and afterwards. Personal, comprehensive support, discretion, a trusting atmosphere, and comprehensible, transparent, comprehensive service are what set us apart.

Selling is a matter of trust. Put the sale of your property in the hands of experienced professionals!

Our service for real estate sellers

We sell your house, condominium, land or commercial property and guide, advise, and support you every step of the way.

Valuation of the property

The first step is the valuation of your property. And not with an online tool, but personally by us on site. We inspect your property conscientiously and in detail. What is the location, size, room layout, age, and overall impression? We also look at property-specific documents. Which buyer suits your house? We analyse the current market situation and the potential of your house.

We discuss the result together and then determine the sales price and the negotiation options. This gives you planning security.

Presentation and marketing

The next step is professional marketing. This includes the creation of individual, high-quality sales documents, the definition of target customers, selection of suitable marketing measures and approaching suitable interested parties from our card index.

Selection of interested parties and viewing appointments

We then coordinate viewing appointments with selected interested parties. We take care of the appointment coordination and communication and personally accompany the viewings. It is important to us to provide close support to potentially interested parties, from the decision-making phase to the reservation.

Sales negotiations and contract conclusion

We are also there for you in the sales processing phase. We check the creditworthiness of interested parties, accompany you during price negotiations, support you with financing to secure the purchase, prepare the purchase contract and sales documents and accompany you to the notary appointment.

We see ourselves as the point of contact for all questions from the buyer and seller and always keep both parties up to date on progress. It is important to us to look after our clients after the conclusion of the contract, even beyond the handover of the keys.

Time for something new?

  • You are planning to sell your house for reasons of age. Taking care of the house and garden is becoming a burden, you want to move near your children and grandchildren or in a center where you can reach things on foot? Are you moving into an age-appropriate flat or a senior residence or retirement home?
  • Your family is growing. You get married, children are born, a new patchwork family is formed or a family member in need of care moves in.
  • There are family changes: The children are out of the house, spouses separate or divorce, a family member dies, or illnesses and accidents change your life circumstances.
  • Some of our clients have suffered strokes of fate. A partner dies, unemployment, occupational disability or insolvency deprive them of their livelihood.
  • A sale can have professional reasons: A move to another city becomes necessary, a home office or a more representative flat is needed. Sometimes a business needs more space to grow.
  • Inheritances and tax reasons can be the reason for a property sale. Communities of heirs must be dissolved, and siblings paid off. Profits from an increase in the value of the real estate are realized after the speculation period has expired. Or the discontinuation of tax benefits makes it financially uninteresting to keep the house or flat.
  • There are many more reasons to part with a property. Whether you need money to buy another property or because you are planning a gift for your children and grandchildren. Profit taking due to appreciation, reallocation to other assets are also common motives. Occasionally, the reasons are also problems in owners‘ associations or avoiding disputes with tenants.

Do any of these cases apply to you? Then make an appointment for a non-binding on-site consultation.

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