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Real estate valuation

Precise valuation – best price guarantee!

Are you planning to sell your house, flat, land or commercial property? The first step to a successful sale is the valuation of your property by an experienced estate agent with excellent expertise and an accurate assessment of the market.

We value your property free of charge

Especially for properties in sought-after locations, a valuation that is too low can lead to considerable losses. An unrealistically high price, on the other hand, drastically reduces the chance of obtaining the best possible proceeds.

Karen Ulrich is a DEKRA Standard Expert for Real Estate Valuation D 1 Standard EFH/ZFH

That is why we attach the greatest importance to a valuation of your property in line with the market. To do this, we take our time and look at its special merits neutrally from every professional angle. We visit you on site, inspect the construction documents and talk to you about the history of the property.

Karen Ulrich evaluates your property, supported by Florian Watermann and Dirk Goddemeyer. Mrs. Ulrich is a DEKRA-certified expert for property valuation D1 Standard EFH/ZFH. The certification confirms her expertise and many years of experience from a neutral body.

An effort that pays off

Realized sales deviate on average only a few percent from the originally determined value. The sale is neither unnecessarily difficult and protracted, nor do you give away money because the price is set too low.

Our valuation is the basis of our contract and free of charge.

Property valuations offer orientation

Sometimes a lot of time passes between our first visit, the valuation, and the actual start of the sale. One person wants to downsize, another wants to move from a house to a flat or expand. Often the property is also part of a retirement plan or new property financing, and so a more long-term plan builds up here.

Did you know that due to the corona pandemic, increases in value of up to 50% are recognizable in our region? If you are planning a sale, now may be the time to act.

We reflect exactly the market that suits your property. Call us, we will come to you!

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Know the value of your property in black and white

There are many reasons for the valuation of a property by a recognized expert: Determining the mortgage lending value for financing a property, tax optimization, or also the need to determine the equalization of gains in the event of divorce. Possible early detection of structural damage and the certainty of having chosen the “right” property are important factors in the purchase of real estate as well as in the sale.

We recommend state-recognized experts. We will be happy to find the right partner together with you.

Frequently asked questions on the subject of real estate valuation

Why is a property valuation important for the seller?

The vendor sells his property only once. This makes it even more important to determine the optimal price for the house or flat. Money is quickly given away. Because it is not important to sell quickly, but to sell at a good price. Our free property valuation is the basis of our contract.

What are the consequences of too low a rating?

There are many interested parties, the property is sold quickly. However, the seller achieves a lower price than possible.

What are the consequences if the sales value is set too high?

If the targeted sales price is too high, the property will not be sold or only very slowly. It develops a „shopkeeper character“ because there are only a few interested parties. Often worse results are achieved in the sale than if the house or flat had been offered at the optimal price.

Why shouldn’t I have my property valued online?

The condition, length, and equipment of your house or flat cannot be determined automatically on the drawing board. There is no substitute for a personal on-site inspection with the relevant construction documents. Anything else would be superficial, and when a lot of money is at stake, superficiality is harmful.

Do I have to sell my house immediately after the valuation?

No! In some cases, we evaluate properties three or four times because our clients are not yet far enough along in the decision-making process.

What costs will a property valuation incur for me?

As long as no written assessment needs to be prepared, this service is free of charge.

How do you determine the value of a property?

The property valuation is not an expert valuation. It is a mixture of expert investigation, years of market knowledge and reflection of prospective buyers in a particular region. There are lovers of certain architectural styles who are willing to spend a lot of money when they find the house of their dreams. A dog owner has different needs than a family with children or a single couple. Sales psychology is also important. We know the wishes and needs of our more than 10,000 prospective buyers and can incorporate these into the valuation.

What factors influence the valuation of a property?

The most important factors are location, condition, and development potential. Current trends also play a role, as does the expert assessment of building costs and necessary construction or renovation measures.

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