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Procedure of your real estate sale

From the moment you give us the order to sell your house, flat, plot of land or commercial property, we create the conditions for the change of ownership to take place swiftly and smoothly.

We check the legal situation and which options exist for the optimal marketing of your property. Are there land register entries that cannot be easily deleted, rights of way that have not been registered or even contaminated sites on the property?

Sometimes time-consuming research is necessary, or documents have to be obtained. We will gladly take care of this for you, so that everything necessary is included in the purchase contract and legal problems and possibly high costs are avoided afterwards. Inadequate property documents also lead to uncertainty and mistrust on the part of the buyer, which burdens and delays the sales process.

The next steps in selling a house: from the draft contract to the official handover

Once a buyer has been found and there is agreement on the general conditions and the purchase price, the next steps follow.

In order to finalize the purchase, the notary of your choice will draw up a draft contract (for which a fee will be charged!). If you find the „legalese“ confusing, we will be happy to „translate“ it for you with our experience.

We prepare everything, get all the documents that might still be missing. If there are any requests, we take care of them promptly – only the miracles are still being worked on …

Changes of ownership of real estate must be notarised. | Photo: maho - stock.adobe.com

Of course, we will accompany you to your appointment with the notary. Before the notary certifies the purchase with signature and seal, he or she will be happy to answer any final questions you may have about the contract.

With the signature, the buyer undertakes to pay and the seller to hand over the property. The notary now arranges and supervises all the necessary steps from the priority notice of conveyance to the entry in the land register. We know the sequence and will help you if things get stuck somewhere.

For the official handover of the property, we are on site and prepare a handover protocol. Now it’s your turn to move. We are happy to help you with the coordination! We lend a trailer and recommend two removal companies that offer attractive prices to our customers.

Of course, we will continue to be there for you even after the real estate purchase has been completed!

This is how we support you during the sale

  • Compilation of all documents for financing
  • Obtaining tradesmen’s quotations for better calculation
  • Mediation of craft enterprises
  • Review the financing options, taking advantage of the best conditions
  • Preparation of the purchase contract taking into account the individual circumstances
  • Optimization of the handover and interim financing
  • Coordination of the smooth running
  • Accompaniment at the notary appointment
  • Support for all steps after the occupancy: such as eviction, relocation and, if necessary, assistance with the next property.
  • Handover with corresponding logging.

Useful downloads

Here you will find lists of the documents required for the sale:

Do you have any questions about this or need support with procurement? We will be happy to help you.

Frequently asked questions about the settlement of real estate sales

Why do you advise against selling a property privately?

Private sales carry a high risk due to the professional ignorance of both the buyer and the seller. Poor agreements on the scope of services, for example, can lead to disputes after the sale. The buyer has paid a lot of money for the property and is therefore more likely to be in conflict if problems arise. If experts are called in in case of disagreements, high costs can arise.

What is the timeline for completing a house sale?

This depends on the individual property and the form of sale: bidding procedure, silent (discreet) marketing or public in all media. On average, we need eight weeks from the first inspection to the notarization.

What do I have to pay attention to in the purchase contract?

It is important that all formulations of the purchase contract are clear and unambiguous. The performance description must be correct, everything important must be included. We see ourselves as a neutral advisor for both sides. Nothing is concealed. Every situation must be clarified. There must be no misunderstandings. Assured properties must be clearly defined. Through our cooperation with a large number of notaries and our decades of experience, we have gained a lot of know-how in the formulation of purchase contracts. Caution: Do not go to the notary too quickly. The sale should only be notarized when there is legal certainty. It is also essential that the purchase price is paid before the property is handed over.

What documents do I need for the notarization at the notary?

Please bring your identity card, your personal tax identification number, your account number, all documents relevant to the land register and, if applicable, the certificate of inheritance or a corresponding power of attorney to the notary appointment. Further documents may be required in individual cases. We will discuss this with you before notarization.

How long is the period from the notary appointment to the handover of the keys?

In the best case, the handover can take place four weeks after the notary appointment, if everything has been settled beforehand. The period is very individual and often depends on the granting of the priority notice of conveyance by the land registry. Here, our good contacts to all the offices involved, which have grown over decades, help us to avoid long waiting times.

How long does it take from the notary appointment until the purchase price is paid by the bank?

The bank pays after four weeks at the earliest, as soon as the priority notice of conveyance has been entered in the land register, the conditions precedent of the purchase contract have been fulfilled, the land charge deed has been registered, and the notary has requested payment. If the sale has been properly prepared from the beginning, there will be no delays here.

When does one become the owner of a property?

Ownership rights are transferred upon entry in the land register.

Who pays the notary’s fees?

The notary’s fees are usually paid by the buyer, but this is freely negotiable.

Who pays the estate agent’s fee when selling a house?

In the case of private real estate, the brokerage costs are shared. Individual agreements can also be made, such as an inclusive brokerage fee, which, however, increases the ancillary purchase costs.
Land, investment properties and commercial properties are plus brokerage. Individual agreements are possible upon request.

Is there a right of cancellation for real estate purchase contracts?

No, but there are liability rights. Real estate purchase contracts can be revoked in the case of „fraudulent intent“. This can be the case if a warranted characteristic is missing, for example if the living space is stated incorrectly. Often, converted basement rooms are stated as living space or converted attics as bedrooms, which is not permitted under building law.

How does the transfer of a property work?

When the money has been received in the account and all other necessary steps have been taken, we clarify whether the seller has moved out. The handover date takes place with all parties involved. The property is inspected on site. It is checked whether all points relevant to the contract have been duly fulfilled, such as eviction, freedom from rent etc. A handover protocol is drawn up with all individual agreements in accordance with the scope of services in the contract, and meter readings are also noted. The owner as well as the buyer can be represented by us through power of attorney. Subsequently, information is provided to the notary.

What about the warranty?

Assured properties must be present. Otherwise, in the case of built properties, the purchase is as seen or as could have been seen. The warranty claims for the property are transferred to the buyer. These must be documented with original invoices. In the case of new buildings, the statutory warranty applies.

How can you help me move?

Our in-house trailer is available to customers free of charge. We have contact with a number of removal companies with different focuses who offer our customers favorable conditions. We also work closely with local tradesmen – every buyer can take advantage of this service free of charge. We clarify in advance which company has capacity and what costs the client will incur.

Is a house sale taxable?

This depends on the individual case and must be clarified in discussion with your tax advisor. Sometimes a tax liability arises simply due to a change in circumstances. In some cases, a postponement of the date of the notarization is sufficient to avoid a tax liability.

We will be happy to advise you!

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