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Inheriting a property is a burden for many …

… which we take off your hands completely.

Often, people are unable to handle the inheritance due to grief, distance, or lack of knowledge in inheritance matters. The excessive demands paralyse.

We help you with all your questions and work with a network of reputable and highly professional partners.

  • Have you inherited a property? Alone or in a community of heirs?
  • You are unsure what the next steps are?
  • You do not know what your property is worth and what options there are for using or marketing it?
  • Do you want to avoid disputes with the co-heirs and achieve the best possible profit from the inheritance?
  • The succession should be handled transparently and impartially for everyone?
  • Do you need help clearing out your house or flat?

Then talk to us. We will give you an overview of the value of the inheritance. Then you can make an informed decision about what the next steps should be without financial risk.

Use inherited property yourself, rent it out or sell it?

We show you the possible alternatives with advantages and disadvantages.

Perhaps you decide to use the inherited property yourself. For emotional reasons, to save taxes or because the value will continue to rise in the future.

Or you rent out the property, especially if it is in good condition and in a good location. Then you earn regular income through rental income. You can use the property as collateral for loans, as an investment for retirement or with the option of moving in yourself at some point. It is important that you can look after the rental property yourself or have contact with a good property management company.

A sale is also possible. This can make sense if you have your own financial needs and do not want to take out a loan. Or if you inherit a house that is in debt. You can freely dispose of the profit and perhaps purchase your dream property. For communities of heirs, a sale can be a way to divide the inheritance fairly. Sometimes renting is not an option because the location is not attractive, the rent is low or there is a great need for renovation. Perhaps you live far away and moving is out of the question for various reasons.

Our service for real estate heirs

Take advantage of our support and advice in handling your inheritance:

  • We work closely with local notaries.
  • We prepare a property valuation as the basis for your decision on how to deal with the inheritance.
  • We are looking into what options there are for development and whether the plot can be subdivided.
  • If necessary, we call in appraisers and experts for valuations in inheritance matters.
  • We take care of the complete clearance of your inherited property. This includes clearing out, disposing of and cleaning the property. We work together with long-established auction houses.
  • We make the property ready for sale.
  • We create a professional presentation for prospective buyers or tenants.
  • We organize the sale or letting. We also coordinate bidding procedures.
  • We handle the sale up to the handover and beyond – transparently and visible at all times.

This way, we keep your back free, and you have one less burden to carry. Call us right away and make an appointment with us.

We will be happy to advise you!

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