How it all began

Excellent expertise is paired with the ambition to achieve the best for our clients. Even in difficult times like now.

Only a perfect balance leads to success – on both sides.

In the past, right back in the origins of the brokerage business, only sworn brokers were allowed to act for their clients. This is now history, but that is exactly what we want to hear from a good broker today. The good broker is characterised by outstanding expertise and the personal endeavour to work out the best for his clients.

Real estate agent for more than 30 years

After my training as an industrial clerk at Mercedes-Benz, I began my profession as an estate agent in 1987 with the renowned company Borgschulze Immobilien. To this day, not only the value of the property, but also the personal appreciation of our customers, is a matter close to my heart.

Tangible assets play a major role when buying, selling or renting real estate. Assets that secure us or simply make life more beautiful. And ideal values that shape our attitudes and actions and make up our relationships.

The ideal companion in this process is a confidant who knows what matters in every respect. We know what is really valuable! It is about more than just material assets, it is about personal history, home, family and, above all, trust.

Nothing is as constant as change …
and yet, the most important thing always remains the same.

Especially in difficult times, consistent values are the foundation of our work.

In uncertain times, cohesion is what counts. Respectful interaction, respect and special personal commitment are the main pillars.

Keeping a distance is exactly what we don’t need right now – as advisors on all aspects of real estate, we are especially close to ourclients right now. Please don’t misunderstand – the recommended precautionary measures against the virus are, of course, meticulously adhered to.

I mean, to distance oneself from the customers, to go underground until the crisis is over and the market is perhaps more favourable again? No – that is exactly the wrong thing to do – because now good advice and a reliable and experienced partner is simply what customers need!

Because with real estate specialists it’s no different than with friends. How resilient a relationship is becomes apparent when the going gets tough. And for quite a few clients, that’s exactly what they need right now. They need a louder and more experienced partner.

And that is why today, as in the past decades, we stand by your side with all our knowledge and commitment. Let us move into the future together.

How can we help you? Call us and tell us about your concern.