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Building interest calculator: How high are the interest rate and monthly instalment?

You have found an interesting property and would now like to know what possible financing might look like? This calculator shows you what construction interest rates and conditions Dr. Klein can offer you. Enter the key data for your mortgage – such as property value and loan amount – in the mortgage calculator. Select your desired fixed interest rate and repayment and calculate your monthly instalment, total costs, remaining debt and your repayment plan in addition to the building interest rates.

You can also enter a desired monthly instalment, for which the calculator then outputs the repayment in addition to the building interest. You can receive offers tailored exactly to your needs from our real estate financing specialists on request.

How does the building interest calculator work?

As an intermediary, Dr. Klein works with many different bank partners to find the right offer for each individual property financing. The interest rate calculator obtains the data relating to the borrowing rate directly from these banking partners. They provide Dr. Klein with their current conditions on a daily basis, so that realistic values can be displayed here. The interest calculator gives you the opportunity to check what interest rates you can expect for your financing.

You can change your data as you wish and see how this in turn affects the interest rate. To ensure good comparability, the calculation is always based on the same representative example.

For example, if you change the fixed interest rate to 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 years, you can see how the fixed borrowing rate and the APR increase as the fixed interest rate increases. Behind this is the following insight: security costs.

The longer you fix the interest rate, the longer you are protected from the risk of interest rate changes. Rising construction interest rates cannot harm you in the future. But in return you pay a higher interest rate over the entire fixed-interest period of your construction financing. It is therefore worthwhile to weigh up security and costs. Our interest rate calculator will help you.

What result does the building interest calculator show me?

The interest rate calculator shows you what interest rate you can get for your mortgage with Dr. Klein. However, it only provides a non-binding sample calculation of real conditions. The results of the calculator do not yet represent a concrete financing solution from Dr. Klein.

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Why can’t the calculator display a concrete financing solution yet?

Because this requires information that is beyond the scope of the building interest calculator. Most of the data that have a decisive influence on the actual building interest rates can only be determined in the course of a personal consultation. This includes,

for example, the question about your creditworthiness: How good is your solvency?

Or also the question of which additional features your construction financing should include. If, for example, you want to make high unscheduled repayments or include the option of changing the repayment rate, your construction interest rate will increase. As long as these factors have not been clarified, no concrete offer can be made. However, the interest calculator will give you a first impression of the interest rate you can expect.

Where do you get a concrete offer?

By requesting financing proposals from Dr. Klein. The construction financing specialists will then calculate a concrete solution for you with a binding construction interest rate that is tailored precisely to your needs.

You are also welcome to have a personal conversation with an advisor on site, over the phone or via video. In the article on real estate loans at Dr. Klein, you can also find out in advance about the advantages of financing with an intermediary.

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