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Clients often come to us to have the buildability or the development of a plot of land checked. This can have many reasons:

  • A large plot of land becomes a burden.
  • A property is no longer needed for its original purpose.
  • A partial sale is planned.
  • The value of a property should be increased.
  • An age-appropriate bungalow is to be built on a plot of land, the plot is subsequently to be divided and the existing property sold.
  • An arrangement is to be found for the case of inheritance if there are several children/heirs.

How do I find out whether I can build on or develop my plot in the short term?

We are familiar with all aspects of buildability, buildability according to § 34 BauGb, building in HQ100 flood zones, building in outdoor areas as well as with the construction of leisure facilities.

There are areas with a development plan, where the buildability of a vacant plot can be checked relatively quickly. Then there are areas without a development plan and external areas. Here, corresponding regulations apply that restrict, regulate, but also exclude possible buildability.

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We determine the development possibilities in all cases. Our decades of experience and optimal utilization of the prevailing building laws allow us to achieve the best results. This is a win-win situation for everyone and significantly influences the purchase price.

We offer these services

Take advantage of our know-how, our experience, and our network! Here you will find an overview of our all-round service:

  • Read development plans
  • Obtain the necessary documents
  • Inspection of the building file at the responsible building authority
  • Determination of the actual building development
  • Coordination of preliminary building applications
  • Contact with surveying offices and architects
  • Taking over visits to the authorities
  • Search for buyers
  • Preparing requirements for the declarations of partition for submission to the notary public
  • Preparation/ and coordination of developments
  • Research the local conditions for electricity/water/sewage/telephone or other line routes with the individual providers.
  • Preparation of certificates of completeness for partial sales.

Are you planning the development and sale of a plot of land? You want to check which development options are available for your property? Do you want to determine the value of your land or property?

Then arrange a non-binding consultation with us!

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